CSPA Exam Sessions
Winter 2018-2019

January 8th — April 4th

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Get a job (or internship) at our partner tech companies:

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What is this?

CSPA Winter 2018-2019 is an assessment session that connects job seekers and employers for jobs or internships. You take the CSPA Core Exam™ for a chance to interview at one of our partner companies.

After it is scored, your profile and assessment score will be shared with our partnered employers. They'll reach out and invite you for an interview if they are interested. Please note that an interview, offer, or job is not guaranteed.

The ideal test taker is someone who is interested in entry-level software engineering roles or internships, as well as people who simply want to evaluate their skills.

How does it work?
  1. Register for an exam session
  2. Take the CSPA on exam day
  3. Your results will be emailed to you in a week
  4. Everyone's assessment results (and optionally, profile and resume) will be shared and/or referred to our partner companies
  5. Companies will reach out to everyone for potential interviews
What's on the test?

View the CSPA Core Exam™ topics, format, and sample.

If I'm offered a job or internship, do I have to accept it?

Nope. You aren't obligated to accept anything.

What kind of jobs or internships are these?

For full-time positions, they are mostly junior software engineering roles. Refer to each company's open job posts for more information. It could be front end, back end, mobile, infrastructure, security, data, or machine learning. Many of our companies are consumer or enterprise web companies, but some may include hardware.

For internships, they typically last 2 or 3 months, but some are year-round. The actual work depends on the company. Some of the things you might learn include front or back end web development, mobile development, infrastructure, security, and industry standard tools. Refer to each company's job openings for details.

Who can sign up?

We don't have strict eligibility requirements, so anyone can sign up. However, the CSPA Core Exam™ is geared towards computer science university students, coding school students, and recent alumni of those schools.

Sounds good. How do I sign up?

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