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CSPA is assembling a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to help guide the development of unbiased technical assessment of software engineers.

If you are a software engineer passionate about fixing technical interviews, please submit an application.

About TSC

The CSPA Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is a newly formed body that will be responsible for CSPA exam format, content, and future direction. Its mission is to create the best possible assessment of software engineers -- one that is useful, up-to-date, and unbiased -- and bridges the gap between education and industry.

It is composed of 25 representatives from:

  1. Education. Professors, instructors, and curricula administrators from coding schools, MOOCs, and traditional universities. (5 seats)
  2. Industry. Software engineer veterans who have tons of experience hiring as well as a specific area of technical expertise. (15 seats)
  3. Open source. Creators of new technologies -- languages, frameworks, methodologies, etc., and the contributors who maintain them. (5 seats)

View the current members.

Terms are 3-month long with renewal.

As a TSC member, you will:

  • Join the CSPA TSC Slack group. It will be exclusive to the 25 TSC Committee Members and CSPA.
  • Participate in discussions, moderated and led by CSPA. This is will all be done on Slack.
  • Contribute to new exam questions. We expect you to come up with at least one good question a month.
  • Discuss any future changes to CSPA topic coverage/curriculum.
  • 3-month release cycle: At the end of each quarter, we want to release a new improved version of CSPA. This may include exam questions, topic coverage, format, and scoring algorithm

We expect a minimum commitment of 2 hours a month (via Slack).

In return for your service:

  • You will be officially recognized as a CSPA Technical Steering Committee Member
  • You will be part of an exclusive community of software engineers who want to fix the technical interview process. You'll get to network with past, present, and future committee members.
  • If you are currently employed, your company will have a complimentary subscription to CSPA's Employer Access Program as long as you serve. This gives your company access to CSPA test takers' assessment data, resumes, and profiles (optional)
  • We will donate $3000/month to the TSC members' charity of choice each month you are involved. Girls Who Code, Khan Academy, freeCodeCamp, etc.
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San Francisco
CSPA is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the accurate and complete assessment of software engineers.

CSPA designs and administers the Computer Science Proficiency Assessment, a standardized exam for software engineers and job seekers in the software industry.
Industry: Education
Tech Stack: node, react, mysql, aws, python, php
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