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We are looking for a full stack software engineer to help us reinvent the way we train, evaluate, and hire software engineers.

Our mission is to develop the most accurate and useful assessment of software engineers. We're doing this by creating a widely-accepted, comprehensive standardized exam called the CSPA. If we succeed, we will improve the average quality of software engineers, increase the supply of great software engineers -- especially from non-traditional backgrounds, and vastly improve the technical interviewing process.

You strive for engineering excellence and are dedicated to writing code that is clean, well-maintained, easy to understand, robust, and performant.

You also thrive in a fast-paced environment. You understanding the demands of the business, self-prioritizing and making deliberate tradeoffs if necessary -- pushing out new features, pruning unused ones, and improving existing features.

If you join us, you'll be a part of a lasting, positive change on our software industry, and see how we do it from the inside.


  • Own the development of our product, which includes the exam administration and autograding framework, assessment analysis tools, and employer product
  • Work closely with our assessment and evaluation researchers and psychometricians to mine data and implement statistical models for our grading algorithms
  • Facilitate and participate in our Technical Steering Committee, a group of software engineers and educators responsible for exam content and direction


You must have expertise in:

  • building complex web applications from scratch
  • building services (APIs) and integrating others
  • RDBMS such as MySQL
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Front-end libraries. We use jQuery/Handlebars and React/Redux

Also, you should be generally familiar with data science and statistical models -- enough to implement them.

Preferred or Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with Node (ES6) with Express, Promises, and isometric applications
  • Built single-page apps with React.js and Redux
  • Experience implementing statistical models (e.g. logistic regression and deep classification networks)
  • CSPA Composite Score of 1200 or higher is preferred. We're dogfooding.


  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible vacation days
  • Excellent health care options

Who will I be working with?

We are a seed stage startup and have a small team. The environment is casual and informal, but we work hard and effectively. Our office is in Bespoke Coworking in San Francisco, so you get to meet lots of other startups in the space.

You'll work closely with James, previously co-founder and CPO of Crunchyroll. He spends about half his time coding, and half on strategy and business development.

We recently finished Y Combinator (S18) and are backed by top angels and seed VC firms.

What makes this role different?

You will have unparalleled influence on the direction of the company. You'll participate in discussions around tech, product, marketing, and more (if you want).

You have the opportunity to touch all parts of the system, from app development (front and back end) to infrastructure/reliability, to deployment and testing. You'll even dabble in data science and machine learning.

We also build some custom libraries. For example, built a dependency injection / inversion of control container system inspired by Symfony, as well as a much better routing system on top of Express. We couldn't find a good one for Node.

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San Francisco
CSPA is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the accurate and complete assessment of software engineers.

CSPA designs and administers the Computer Science Proficiency Assessment, a standardized exam for software engineers and job seekers in the software industry.
Industry: Education
Tech Stack: node, react, mysql, aws, python, php
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