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The CSPA organization's mission is to increase the diversity of software engineers and to make it easier to apply for software engineering jobs. We're currently looking for great software engineers and marketers to help us achieve our goals. As part of a small team, you will have outsized influence in the direction of the CSPA.

We're a small team located in downtown San Francisco. If you think you'd be a great fit, contact us!

Senior Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for a full stack software engineer to help us reinvent the way we train, evaluate, and hire software engineers.

Our mission is to develop the most accurate and useful assessment of software engineers. We're doing this by creating a widely-accepted, comprehensive standardized exam called the CSPA. If we succeed, we will improve the average quality of software engineers, increase the supply of great software engineers -- especially from non-traditional backgrounds, and vastly improve the technical interviewing process.

You strive for engineering excellence and are dedicated to writing code that is clean, well-maintained, easy to understand, robust, and performant.

You also thrive in a fast-paced environment. You understanding the demands of the business, self-prioritizing and making deliberate tradeoffs if necessary -- pushing out new features, pruning unused ones, and improving existing features.

If you join us, you'll be a part of a lasting, positive change on our software industry, and see how we do it from the inside.

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Director of Assessment

CSPA is looking for an emerging leader to guide the construction and implementation of our assessments.

As an assessment service, CSPA's reputation is built on designing a fair, useful, valid, and reliable exam. As the Director of Assessment, your role is critical in maintaining this reputation. You have two or more years of experience in education research, understanding how to best design exam questions. You have strong quantitative analysis abilities and can crunch numbers to derive actionable insights. The ideal candidate also has familiarity with technical exam content.

Your mission is to deliver the highest quality and most innovative software engineering assessments on the market.

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Recruiting & Communications Specialist

We’re looking for a Recruiting & Communications Specialist to contribute to the growth and success of our startup! In this role, you will get a chance to help craft our brand, story, and all the messaging we share with the world.

You’ll help raise our startup’s profile through direct outreach, marketing campaigns, event hostings and community building. You’ll be reaching out to thousands and thousands of engineers, and help them land their first job.

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Full Stack Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2019)

We are looking for a highly motivated intern who can ship product! The ideal candidate has a strong technical foundation, can learn quickly, and has some experience in building websites or mobile apps.

We're a small, highly-motivated team backed by Y Combinator and other seed investors. You'll learn what it's like to work at an early stage tech startup, and how to grow a company.

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