The CSPA Team

Dave Ferris
James Lin

CSPA Co-founder

python node javascript mysql html css php
Angel Poon

CSPA Co-founder

photoshop illustrator html css javascript
Tim Yang

Software Engineer

react javascript nodejs
Kun Gao
Ben Domingue

Assistant Professor at Stanford University Graduate School of Education

applied statistics large-scale assessment item response theory psychometrics

CSPA Technical Steering Committee

TSC Members are responsible for CSPA exam content and direction. New exam versions are released every 3 months. If you are interested in participating, please apply here.

Education Seats (5)

TSC education seats are held by representatives of both traditional and non-traditional education providers, such as computer science programs, coding schools, and MOOCs.

Jeffrey Fiddler

Senior Manager of Curriculum @ AppAcademy

Bob Ippolito

Board member @ Mission Bit. Previously Co-founder & CTO @ Fig, Pieceable, and Mochi Media; iOS Engineer @ Facebook

Ben Nelson

Co-founder, Lambda School

Naomi Sorrell

Sr. Manager of Curriculum and Experience @ Holberton School

David Yang

Co-founder, Fullstack Academy

Open Source Seats (3)

The open source seats represent technology providers, such as authors of popular libraries, frameworks, and tools. They provide a unique, forward-looking perspective of what future software developers should know.

Frédéric Harper

Developer Advocate @ npmjs, former Mozilla & Microsoft one, Apress author, public speaker, #crazycatman & more

javascript css html web angular npm nodejs
James Ide

Co-founder @ Expo, previously at Facebook, Microsoft, and Google

Yuan Tang

Top contributor and committer of TensorFlow, XGBoost and Apache MXNet, Senior Software Engineer @ Ant Financial

Industry Seats (19)

Industry seats are held by software engineers and hiring managers who have extensive experience hiring software engineers. They represent what employers are looking for in new hires.

Mohammad Almalkawi

Technical lead at a leading crypto startup, previously @ Twitter, Quip, Microsoft and Google. UIUC alum.

identity blockchain distributed systems operating systems mobile development
Laurent Benchimol

Engineering Manager @ Intuit, previously Eng Manager at Uber

infrastructure performance scalability python java c++
Daisuke Fujiwara

Engineering manager for the Labs team

Daniel Hindi

CTO @ Buildfire

scalability reliability web mobile databases js node html css c/++/#
Nate Jacobs

Senior Staff Engineer @ Medidata Solutions

data structures algorithms databases networking design & architectural patterns
Bryce Lampe

Engineering Manager @ Uber, formerly Software Engineer at Yelp

backend infrastructure service discovery payments application frameworks database performance
Greg Lin

Co-founder @ CrossInstall

infrastructure reliability performance of backend systems
Giuseppe Macri

Senior Software Engineer @ Uber, Co-founder & CTO @ Digitalsite

web frontend data visualization node react koa.js fusion.js
Brandon Ooi

CTO @ Sharespace, previously CTO @ Rune and Crunchyroll

architecture & infrastructure software engineering scalability & reliability networking databases
Andy Pang

Engineer @ Superlinear, previously Dir. of Engineering @ Riverbed, Jut

backend node
Vahed Qazvinian

Co-founder & CTO @ Lawyaw, previously 3+ years on Google Search Team

machine learning nlp semantic parsing learning word embeddings
Brandon Richey

Engineering Manager @ Greenhouse, previously Dir. of Engineering @ Teladoc Health

systems design & architecture elixir & phoenix framework ruby rails sinatra javascript react vue node game development
Memo Salas

Senior Software Engineer @ RTI

unix shell scripting make daemons signals processes expect c threads gdb
Ramya Sampath

Solution Architect/Integrations Engineer Manager @ BloomReach

java spring python cassandra redshift mysql oracle 10g
Sergey Serebryakov

Senior Software Engineer @ Tesla Autopilot

Bhavik Shah

Senior Software Engineer @ CrossInstall, previously @ Crunchyroll and Adknowledge

backend web infrastructure php
Sunil Shah

Engineering Manager @ Yelp

infrastructure software distributed systems system design
Derek Wang

Software & Security Engineer @ Airbnb

backend frameworks payments infrastructure compliance security
Annie Zhou

Engineering Manager @ Square, previously @ Lumos Lab, Jobvite, Dropbox, and Amazon

fullstack platforms & apis payments compliance & lending mysql ios ruby angular


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