About CSPA Assessments

Our assessments are carefully crafted to be objective and unbiased, and relevant to the industry (see our Technical Steering Committee for more info).

Please see Exam and Eligibility Requirements before taking or issuing exams.

Available Assessment Domains

CSPA Core Exam™

5-6 Hours

Named after the company, this comprehensive assessment covers seven topic concepts (web, security, dev ops, and machine learning), as well as foundational computer science concepts (data structures and algorithms).

Prospects scores are a sum of their foundational score, plus the highest of the seven topic scores.

Web Developer

1-4 Hours
  • Generalist
  • Backend
  • Frontend

As rich and diverse as web development is, there is indisputably a set of core knowledge that every web developer needs to know. These assessments test that core knowledge and ensure the prospect has the fundamentals they need to succeed.

JavaScript Frameworks

1-4 Hours
  • ReactJS
  • EmberJS
  • Angular
  • VueJS

The domain knowledge for frontend development has soared over the last 10 years. Each of these assessments validates the foundation necessary to work in each respective technology.

Ember, Angular, and Vue are coming soon. Contact us to expedite them!

Assessment Types

  • Normative assessments aim to rank candidates against each other on a normal curve. These correspond to norm-referenced tests.
  • Qualitative assessments test if a candidate is well-prepared for a specific role. These correspond to criterion-referenced tests.

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